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    This is quite simply, A work in progress. Much like life, we are never actually finished, but rather are simply turning another page of life.

    I simply have a love of photography and editing software of all types. Inside you will find different pieces of my work that I hope brings you just a little happiness.

    I believe in photography as a raw display, but also firmly believe we should use all tools in our toolbox. If you are the next Ansel Adams, by all means stay the purist and refuse to edit in software. For the rest of us we have software to help create what I hope is Enjoyable Art.

    My blog will mainly be random ramblings, usually of whatever photo I choose to upload and discuss.

    In my mind a photograph comes from the camera, and Photographic Art comes from the heart and mind.

Congrats Lori!


I had the pleasure of conducting a session with Lori last week.  We worked on some Announcements for her upcoming College Graduation!  I was very pleased with being able to take part in this special event and we had fun getting some nice shots. 






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June 13, 2009 - 11:40 am

Sacramento Photographer - Nice work here, Ron. The announcement card is very clever with the photos held down by the little elastic bands. Nicely done. –Bill

October 7, 2009 - 5:39 pm

Click Here - It’s not every day that I run across a site like this, I have to sdday I am impressed.

What is a “Digital Makeover”

One of the latest trends today is to take a relatively normal shot and fully “Glam it up”.  This means utilizing a diverse range of digital tools to fully add makeup and effects to take a photo from “nice” to AMAZING.   The look isn’t for everyone, but it can really provide a new and interesting idea..  and is a lot of fun also! 

Here is an example of some work done with Jess.  It was a fun shoot and she had lots of energy and the camera loved her!





5 Points to Know about Senior Sessions!

Senior sessions can be one of the most memorable times of your budding adults emergence into adulthood.  This is not just a time to take pictures, but a time to record the memory of the transition for a lifetime.  This time should be fun, memorable and of course provide fantastic shots providing a photo storybook of  WHO your Senior is.. not just what.

  1. Location Location Location!  This should be something high on your list.  This is probably one of the more important things to choose and you really should not rely completely on your photographer.  Their input can be helpful, but you should always be on the lookout for places that tell a story about WHO you are.  Your photographer knows what works and can provide wonderful locations, but it may not be telling your story and that is very important on these sessions.   Make sure to select at least one Outdoor location for storytelling, and also do a portion of your session in the studio to ensure you get those amazing shots.
  2. Clothing..  Of course you will want to bring your favorite outfit, and something special for “theme shots” that you will discuss with your photographer. Try to always remember the story you are telling and think about what is worn every day to school.  Do you have some sort of style that is “you”?  Wear it!   Do you have something that you have worn that people were surprised to see you in?  DONT wear it!  Yes some of your shots are/can be about Glamour, but really you need to always remember that this is telling the world how you want to be remembered.
  3. Props..  The trends of today are to use minimal props.  We tend to take more of the high fashion photography that is about dramatic poses and framing the subject without distractions.  This doesn’t mean that you should not bring props.  As we said before this is about telling YOUR story and if you have something that helps with this, it should be in some of your photographs.  Think about things that you love, things that define the activities that you enjoy and utilize them.
  4. Hair..  This is saying who you are, not who you want to be.  That is a difficult distinction at times, and for those that are KNOWN for changing hairstyles it is not important.  Most people have a basic style and your Senior session is NOT the time to make a big change.  Do not go get that style everyone talks about, Do NOT try that “cute new color”.  Stick with who you are and display it.  A fresh trim is great to get, but avoid major changes or risks.  This is your personalities time to be the focus..  not your hair.
  5. Makeup..  There tends to be a desire to go heavy with the makeup to create a dramatic effect.  If this is something you do ROUTINELY.. then break out that paintbrush and go to work.  For most it is not the norm and will be a surprise (not usually a good one) to everyone.  Take a step back when you are planning your makeup for the day..  analyze your clothing choice and think about what you would NORMALLY do before you head to school.  You may want to spend  a bit of extra time to make sure it is perfect, but don’t add more because you feel it is needed.   Your photographer can enhance any makeup you have, but it is very difficult to remove it.  If you would love to see a Glamour shot..  just ask and it is FUN/EASY to have done…   and you dont need heavy makeup to start.

This is only a few of the things to think about when planning your session.  Remember it is YOUR time and you should be heavily involved in the planning and execution of it.  Have fun with it and know that you will not be doing this ever again.  You only have ONE SENIOR SESSION!!