Monthly Archives: July 2009

Facebook PARTY!!

More and more we’re connecting through social media, so we decided to create a fun, inexpensive way for you to look your best to all your old and new online friends. On 8 August, Ron Hunt Photography hosts a Facebook party with some new graduates and current high schoolers. Come and enjoy a welcome break […]

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What IS “High Key”

Using a white background, often referred to by professional photographers as “High-key photography”, is a specialty of our studio. We can work with you to coordinate light clothing and light props with the white background, so the darkest element in the portrait becomes your faces and expressions. That’s what catches your eye. When the high-key […]

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Happy 4th of July!!

I had the pleasure of spending the evening with one of my daughters, and we managed to get some nice photos of the fireworks. These were taken at the Apple Valley display. I hope you enjoy, and had a very fun/safe holiday! Ron

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