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  • Welcome to my little corner of the InterWeb!

    This is quite simply, A work in progress. Much like life, we are never actually finished, but rather are simply turning another page of life.

    I simply have a love of photography and editing software of all types. Inside you will find different pieces of my work that I hope brings you just a little happiness.

    I believe in photography as a raw display, but also firmly believe we should use all tools in our toolbox. If you are the next Ansel Adams, by all means stay the purist and refuse to edit in software. For the rest of us we have software to help create what I hope is Enjoyable Art.

    My blog will mainly be random ramblings, usually of whatever photo I choose to upload and discuss.

    In my mind a photograph comes from the camera, and Photographic Art comes from the heart and mind.

My solo trip to Yellowstone

I had the opportunity to take a great motorcycle trip last July (2012).  It was a two week trek that began with a small group of friends traveling to the Black Hills.  I then continued the trip Solo, and explored my way to Yellowstone National Park.  I have to say that even after years of seeing photos, and hearing stories, I was amazed.  This has got to be literally Heaven on Earth.  The sky is amazing all the time, the views spectacular.  I spent 4 days exploring the area, and truly needed another week to do it justice.

Since it was a motorcycle trip I made the mistake of taking my smaller gear.  I brought my d90 and have to admit that the kit lens was on it most of the time.  That is probably my biggest regret, and will never happen again.  I ended up with some nice shots, but I just know it could have been so much better.  I will just have to call it an excuse to return!

Fun with Fall

I took this shot last fall while riding with some friends.  It was a winery that had a great view of the Fall colors.  Unfortunately it came through a bit hazy and muted due to the blasting direct sun.  Of course the sky was also extremely bland.  I used Perfect Photo Suite 7 mainly to do this photo..    I started in Perfect Layers and began with Perfect Effects and got the “look” by laying 3 different effects at varying levels, then I used Perfect Mask to remove the sky (Literally 3 swipes of the mouse and DONE).  I then added a new sky using Perfect Layers and saved to return to Lightroom 4.   I did the non destructive cropping to start things off. Then I added a touch of vignette, sharpening and cut a smidge of the vibrance out using LR4 sliders in the develop module.



Yellowstone HDR

Another shot in HDR, this time a solid landscape.  This was done by tone mapping a single photo to expand my Range.  I wanted to take advantage of the sky without blowing out the highlights in the water.  The canyon is naturally brighter due to the rock, so it really grabs the eye making you move down the river.  I tried to pop the sky without going crazy with the foreground.