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  • Welcome to my little corner of the InterWeb!

    This is quite simply, A work in progress. Much like life, we are never actually finished, but rather are simply turning another page of life.

    I simply have a love of photography and editing software of all types. Inside you will find different pieces of my work that I hope brings you just a little happiness.

    I believe in photography as a raw display, but also firmly believe we should use all tools in our toolbox. If you are the next Ansel Adams, by all means stay the purist and refuse to edit in software. For the rest of us we have software to help create what I hope is Enjoyable Art.

    My blog will mainly be random ramblings, usually of whatever photo I choose to upload and discuss.

    In my mind a photograph comes from the camera, and Photographic Art comes from the heart and mind.

10 things to think about prior to your session

  1. Put some thought into what you want out of the session.  It is always better to visualize a photo in the spot you wish to mount it.  Think of the colors in the area surrounding the location.  Would lighter or darker colors work best?  Would any specific colors clash heavily with something in the area?  What size is required?
  2. Utilize the information you have gained to determine if you would like a light or dark colored backdrop.  This selection determines your clothing selection.  You should match your shirts to the desired backdrop for the greatest effect. Discuss any thoughts and desires with us prior to your session so we can coordinate background selections.
  3. Ensure everyone is wearing the same color shirts.  This is often neglected and if everyone is in the same color it provides a sense of unity and security.
  4. Avoid any clothing that has patterns or logo’s unless it is special to your portrait.  Any patterns/logos detract from the impact of the portrait and can become distracting.  We want the focus to you your lovely faces and not the really nice Plaid skirt!
  5. Avoid shorts and short sleeves when making clothing selections.  They are comfortable, but do not typically photograph well.
  6. Plan your day to provide plenty of time for your session.  We always are willing to accomodate our clients, but we want you to be relaxed and enjoy the experience.
  7. Ensure we are aware of any special needs for the session.  This includes physical limitations that may eliminate certain poses (such as floor shots, standing etc)
  8. Bring your smiles and your combs!
  9. Wear easily removable shoes if possible.  Many shots include the feet and some poses will look very nice with everyone wiggling their toes!
  10. Determine a date/time to schedule the in-studio presentation of your session for portrait selection.  Ensure it is a time that all decision makers are able to attend.

New from old..

I was spending some quality time in Photoshop as I tend to do a LOT of..  and decided to play with some photos of my niece from a few months ago.  I believe it had a very nice Black and White image hiding inside.  It sometimes amazes me what you can find when you take the time to revist older shots.




Fun at the Zoo

I spent a nice day at the Zoo scouting for interesting Senior Photo locations.  I was joined by my lovely daughters who were kind enough to model for me.  We had to get a bit creative with color since things are a bit bland right now, but believe we found some nice areas.

The new area provides many nice shady areas to do some soft focus work. 


Lets Chat!

Thanks for spending some time on our site, it really is appreciated!   If you don’t mind we would love to hear from you.  Just let us know what you think and Lets Chat!

April 5, 2009 - 5:28 pm

Bekkie - Ron, I love your website! Great job. By the way, that is a great photo of you. The one on the forum doesn’t do it justice.


April 5, 2009 - 5:49 pm

Ron - Thanks 🙂 You are to kind! Photoshop is a wonderful thing lol.

April 6, 2009 - 2:45 pm

Peter van Veen - Nice site you’ve made, Ron!

April 6, 2009 - 8:36 pm

Ron - thank YOU for stopping by!!

Lets have a PORTRAIT PARTY!!

Have a birthday coming up?  Maybe just want an excuse to get together and have some fun!  Just contact us and become a Party Ambassador, sounds fancy doesn’t it!  If that fancy title isn’t enough, how about a FREE AMBASSADOR PACKAGE to top it off!  WOW

Just gather up a minimum of 5 friends with children and schedule the gathering.  We provide our services with a portable studio setup in your home.  We provide each child with a free 5×7 of our choice of their fun day!  We provide white or black backgrounds to allow the use of regular portraits or digital backdrops.  We provide fun digital creations to compliment the theme of your party (coordinated at scheduling).

Ambassador Package FREE for your hard work of having fun!  The Ambassador gets FREE:  8×10, 2- 5×7, 8-Wallets .   We can provide a full range of additional prints to both the Ambassador and other attendees as requested.  We provide direct delivery of the photographs  to the Ambassador for distribution.