My solo trip to Yellowstone

I had the opportunity to take a great motorcycle trip last July (2012).  It was a two week trek that began with a small group of friends traveling to the Black Hills.  I then continued the trip Solo, and explored my way to Yellowstone National Park.  I have to say that even after years of seeing photos, and hearing stories, I was amazed.  This has got to be literally Heaven on Earth.  The sky is amazing all the time, the views spectacular.  I spent 4 days exploring the area, and truly needed another week to do it justice.

Since it was a motorcycle trip I made the mistake of taking my smaller gear.  I brought my d90 and have to admit that the kit lens was on it most of the time.  That is probably my biggest regret, and will never happen again.  I ended up with some nice shots, but I just know it could have been so much better.  I will just have to call it an excuse to return!

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