Where to do your session?

One question that seems to come up quite frequently is: Where is the best place to do my session? We are able to provide sessions ALMOST anyplace that is requested. Any special locations that require permits or registration are the responsibility of the client, but we are able to assist with information to the best of our abilities.

So we can shoot almost anyplace.. wow.. that really helps to narrow it down doesn’t it! The best way to think about this situation is to break it down into easy to “digest” pieces.

In Studio
In studio you have a more controlled atmosphere with strictly controlled studio lighting to ensure the most flattering light possible. We utilize state of the art large softboxes that provide the most flattering light and even can provide a bit of light from behind to provide wonderful seperation from the background.. we even use a hairlight to provide a flattering “kiss of light” to your hair to really show you in the “best light possible”. Pun fully intended.

This control does have a downside, and that is a bit less flexibility with backgrounds. We provide a number of high quality muslin backdrops to help match clothing and you are certain to create fabulous images. This option works well if weather is a concern, mobility is an issue or your schedule does not permit natural daylight.

On Location


The other option is to do a location shoot where we come to either your home, or a favorite outdoor locale to provide your session. This is a great option when you have a spot that has meaning to the family. This may be a favorite park, your home, your garden or some other location that has meaning. We even have the ability to travel a bit to provide vacation sessions at your lake cabin! This is where you go to spend your leisure time.. wouldn’t it be great to capture those memories for a nice wall portrait at home?

If you choose to do an inside location it is best to ensure you have adequate room for seating/posing to ensure the best possible experience/result. We are happy to discuss the possibilities and are able to either come provide a free “scouting meeting” to look and offer suggestions, or if you send us a photo of some of your thoughts we can help as well. The important part is that the location mean something to you. We can help “figure out the rest” to provide the best image possible.


The most wonderful light source ever created is the sun. It may be flooding into a room through a window, or blasting down on a clear blue day. The challenge is that the sun can be quite harsh and typically we will shoot in “open shade”. This simply means we will find a location with a pleasant backdrop and in shade, but near to open sun so that reflected light is used to create wonderful fill of any shadows. This light is the best in the early morning and about an hour before dusk.. it isn’t mandatory by any means, but this time is called the Golden Hour for a reason. You just cannot beat the wonderful warm and soft light during this time of day. We utilize a range of reflectors to help ensure no unflattering shadows ruin your photo, and also utilize a multitude of portable lighting to help ensure the best possible result as required.

Outdoor locations are very popular because they are able to often “tell a story” which help provide the memories you are trying to capture. The best way to do this is to be very flexible so that we can work with the weather rather than fight it.. we would rather reschedule your session for a great day rather than make a poor day work. If scheduling is a problem many families will attempt an outdoor location, but will use the studio as a backup plan if weather does not cooperate.

Outdoor locations can provide many options for your session. This can allow a range of choices from standard poses to a bit more creative situations where we use portable lighting to overpower the sun and “bend it to our will”. This capablity can often provide interesting results!


Take the time to pick the location that works for you and your situation. You cannot pick the wrong place, because the true goal is to capture a great image with those that you love. The final most important piece of information… When in doubt CALL US. We truly want to help you surpass your expectation.


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